Daily April 9

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Daily April 9

BACK TO SCHOOL!!!! Getting up this morning was torture, but maybe I'll get something done around here today! Smile I finished all of my planting and mulching yesterday. Not sore today, but slightly sunburnt on my shoulders! It was BEAUTIFUL outside yesterday, so you forget about the sunscreen! I was supposed to get my parents from the airport today, but their flight was cancelled last night, so they're stuck in Hawaii until tomorrow. Hoping to get my hair done at some point this week too, but I'm not getting my hopes up. Roots for me it is!

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Yay for getting planting done, glad it was such a nice day! Hope you get a chance to get your hair done this week.

I am off today! Yay! The kids are off from school and apparently 2 kids from daycare were too so I took the day off with the other kids too. But then, this morning, the parent of the two kids who told me he was off today, called me at 7:55 and woke me up to see if I could still take his kids today...ummm, NO!

Just went grocery shopping, now I need to clean up the house. It's a disaster! Hoping the wind dies down, it's cold out. The kids want to go outside and play!