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Daily April7th

Hey guys! I was in stomach flu hell last week so I havent been around. We even had to postpone Sophia's party. We are all better now I think.

Sophia turned 12 yesterday! :eek: I am cant believe it. She is getting so big! She cant be 12.

John is away AGAIN. This is his last trip!! He is golfing in Myrtle Beach. He comes home tomorrow. He tried to tell me that he may need to go to Portugal again but I shot that down. His niece is getting married. Oh well. They should have told you before you went in November. 2 trips in 6 months. Neither one for business. My turn! Novemeber to Disney and that is the only trip I want to scrape to afford. WE cant afford anything else. Men.

I just want it to be Friday at 9pm. That means I am in my jammies and not getting up early the next day. Bring it.

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12? WOW! Happy Birthday Sophia! Glad you are all feeling better. I am ready for Friday too.

Looks gorgeous out but it is still cold! I want this warm weather to come now! It's supposed to get wamer this weekend but we're supposed to get rain along with it. Blah.

I think the girls bed is coming tomorrow! The guy who made them said as long as his day goes well today. Yay! I'm so excited!

Has anyone seen HOP yet? My SIL told me she didn't like it at all. I'm taking the kids to see a movie the last weekend of April, and I'm not sure if we should see HOP or RIO.

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The stomach flu is hell Sam! Happy 12th sweet Sophia! Smile You are such a wonderful girl!
I wish it would warm up a little bit too Samantha. Spring is great!

I've been so busy I haven't even had time to breathe. Work is nuts at this time of year so each night I'm just exhausted. No plans for tonight! I love nights like this. Have a good day all!

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Sorry you've been sick Sam Sad Happy Birthday to Sophia!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow 12! Where has time went?!?
How is everything on the home front kelli? I've been thinking about you!
Samantha - Rio looks cuter to me than Hop. I want to take the kids to see it!

I'm feeling more human finally! I cleaned like a madlady today and then played outside with the neighbour and her kids after school. Its going to be hard this summer with Emma being mobile too! Luckily A from next door helps me a lot - i really wish we had a fenced yard Sad