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Daily Aug 2

Having a hard time believing it's August!!! We start school tomorrow!!! First time I will have NO children during the day!!! A friend and I have planned to go to breakfast after we drop them all off.

I've been busy around here. I looks like cheerleaders threw up in my house with all the bows I have hanging around! Between that and getting ready for school, the time has flown by! Now just to get back into a routine!

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Wow Brandi!! I cannot believe they go back so early. Enjoy your quiet house.

Not much here. Just working, as always. My MIL is currently in the ICU due to heart issues so Marshall and I are going to see her tonight. The summer is flying by and I feel like we haven't done much either. ugh.

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I was excited that its 5 weeks today when my kids go back Brandi LOL! YAY for back to school!
T&P for your MIL Kelli! ((HUGS))

I'm having a hard time believing its August too! We have nothing planned today at all. Its kinda nice after the busy time we've had with P being off of work.