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    Hellooooo!!! We're swinging into a routine. The first couple of days of school went great! Tyler is loving it. I thought they would have to pry him off of me! Alyssa starts dance this week, and Connor starts baseball next week. Let the running around begin! I'm loving having time to get things done during the day. I have 121 cheer bows to get done, so I'll keep busy!

    Nothing else really going on around here. Just wish the humidity would break a bit so I can go out and walk in the morning!!
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    What is this "get stuff done" that you speak of Brandi? I dont understand. All I see are KIDS! Glad everyone likes going to school. That is really a relief I bet.

    I. Am. Working. More. I. Need. A. Vacation. Got all kinds of cleaning and organizing done last week. Then I got most of the school clothes shopping done. THey both need a few shirts and sneakers and winter coats. I am considering a trip to Kittery Saturday to finish it up. My mom is taking them out to get supplies so that is a relief.
    JOhn is working on the window trim in the kitchen now. Its just about done. Sooooo pretty! We did a regular trim and a scroll trim for the bay windows. Sooooo impressive.

    I dont know. I cant believe its MOnday. That is all I have to say.

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    That's a lot of bows Brandi! Glad school is going well for everyone!
    The window trim sounds nice Sam - pictures when its done please

    Not much going on here today. I had the worst back pain yesterday which also resulted in a huge headache and nausea. We had to go into Toronto yesterday but as soon as we got back I took a muscle relaxer and went to bed. It was nice! I feel better today but my back is still tight so i'm not pushing it today. Thats what I get for lifting furniture on the weekend! We got Ry a new bed set and then gave his to Jakey and Jakey's to Emma plus my friend who is having her first baby came to get the crib and dresser so there was a lot of lifting! On a side note - Emma is going amazing in her big girl bed but i'd be lying if I didn't say that i'm a bit sad about the crib being gone
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    *hugs*, Melissa, about your back and your baby girl growing up! Take care of yourself.
    Sam, gl finishing up the shopping. Glad the window trim looks good.
    Brandi, have fun with the bows in a kid-less house. Sounds like heaven!

    Ava started afternoon dance camp today after a park playdate this morning. Looks like a slow week for us which is good. I have to prep for my classes and clean house. I have chicken drumsticks in the slow cooker. New recipe--fingers crossed...

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