Daily August 22st

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Daily August 22st

Hola everyone! It's been a very very long time since I started one of these. How is everyone doing today? Hopefully all is well. Nothing spectacular on my end. Went to Physical Therapy and the Dentist...YAY Me lol.

Samantha what's a Stag and Doe?

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Sounds like a fun day lol Lol !

Today is the first day of school - Thomas went off to high school, Matt is in 5th grade and Nathan is in 4th. I took the day off, and it's a gorgeous day so I went for a run...less than 4 weeks until my half marathon :shock: ! I'll have to take Thomas out for his school supplies once he gets home, then a long overdue haircut for me!

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HIGH SCHOOL!!! Man where has the time gone? School unfortunately doesn't start for Anthony until Sept 5th. I'm not amused this year. He usually goes back next week but they postponed for some odd reason. I commend you on the marathon. I'm congratulating you in advance because not only will you complete it but you will have your best time ever. (I'm psychic, just dont ask for the winning lotto numbers lol)

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Shan! So nice to have you back, hope you stay here awhile Smile
I think a Stag & Doe must be a Canadian thing, cause I told a few people in the states and they didn't know either. It's just a big party that you have to raise money for the wedding. Your wedding party usually puts it on and sells tickets, there's prizes and 50/50 draw and stuff like that.
Carolyn, nice to have you back too. Can't believe you have a kid in highschool!

So my MIL changed the date. Easy. Just like that. I'm still annoyed and I think I will be forever, cause I never get over things. But the way she just told me to change Dakota's birthday because a stag & doe is once in a lifetime, as if Dakota's birthday wasn't important.

I'm waiting for the day to be over. Actually, I'm waiting for the week to be over. lol. I just want to sleep in Saturday morning and relax for 5 seconds.