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daily August 8th

Happy Friday everyone. Just read a story about a woman in China that had a spider living in her ear. The picture of the spider still in her ear showed that it was the hairy kind and you could make out these huge eyes! OMG now I want my ears flushed out. What the hell kind of spider was that!? It looks like the spider from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Gotta get school shopping this weekend. My mom is doing supplies and I did backpacks, lunchboxes and sneakers already. I also have some stuff for LUke but I need to get sorted out and figure out where we stand. I hate this time of year. Cant they just stay here with me forever? Stupid book learnin'

Got several boxes from Disney yesterday. One was my graduation gift which was a set of Disney college pins. I also got 2 boxes of brochures and awesome travel agent books huge and in full color of all the destinations. I need to book someone!

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EEK! That sounds so icky Sam!!! When do your kids go back? I need to start getting stuff ready too - now that we have 3 going this year Sad How is it possible that my baby is ready to go to school?!?

Not much going on here. Both Jakey and Emma have bad coughs so we've been hanging low. I have to say that while i'm still not in a hurry for the beginning of September (yet LOL) I am soooooo over the kids asking to play video games especially Minecraft :roll: Seriously can they not think of anything else????????

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Melissa, I know it's Monday (I've been in the mountains for a long weekend) but I'm just seeing your Minecraft comment. IT HAS STOLEN NICKY'S BRAIN. He is thoroughly and completely and irrevocably obsessed. I am sorry that you have more than one suffering from this malady. GL!
Sam, how exciting to get your Disney packages. Wish I could call for your assistance, alas, no dough left. We are going to FLA Wednesday for the week, but Legoland is the only theme park on the agenda this time.