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Daily Dec 17

Still having a hard time with what happened in CT. It's just so wrong! I didn't want to send my kids to school today. I was going to go in for a bit, but Tyler is home today (still iffy after being sick this weekend). I just pray today is a quiet day for all!

Craziness this week. School parties, Tyler's birthday, getting last minute things done...ugh! The only bonus is that I can threaten the kids with Santa not coming if they don't clean their rooms. One less thing I'll need to do!

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I'm having a hard time with that too Brandi. I just don't believe how someone could hurt innocent little kids. It's scares me thinking what the world will be like in 20 years when I'll have grandchildren.

Hope your week isn't too crazy!

Snow day again for us. We didn't get much snow, just lots of freezing rain. I'm glad it's a Monday because I'm not very busy. I have one kid on vacation and my 2 afternoon kids are staying home this week. So I just have my kids and 3 others. And 1 will sleep all afternoon. Yay!
I'm taking tomorrow afternoon off to finish off Christmas shopping! Going to shop until I drop. lol.