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Daily Dec 6th

Wow the older I get the faster the years go. How did it becom December? When I was younger time was so slow.

Sophia is so excited! So am I! Her BFF that moved to Texas might be coming home to MA this summer for good! Granted they would be living about an hour and a half away but that we can handle. I want them to be in school together to so they can go through their teens together but this is better than Texas. We really hope they come home.

Other than that my Turducken is due to arrive tomorrow. In case you didnt read yesterday's post on the xmas thread that is what I got John for a gift. He has been wanting to make one for years but never does (because who would). So I bought one and it includes stuffing. He's going to be shocked! I didnt know you could buy one all put together.

I had an interview with a friend of one of my daycare families on Saturday and she put down a deposit for April! Ya!

So work is starting a bit late for me since it's Tues. Work and then John is taking LUke for his EKG later. I want that over with! Just call me with results!

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lol. I agree, the year totally flew by!
That's really awesome for Sophia! Hope her friend moves back! I have no idea what Turducken is, I'll have look that one up. Yay for the daycare family! Hope Luke's EKG results come back quickly! Hope everything is ok too Sam.

I'm trying to clean the parts of my house that the kids won't get dirty before my two Christmas parties on the weekend. Hope to do some baking today too. I have a feeling i'm going to be in a panic by Friday! I also have a wicked cold so I'm moving slower than usual.

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YAY for Sophia's friend moving back...maybe! Smile I would be surprised if they didn't say anything about the EKG right away. They sat down with me right after Tyler's and told me all was good! Keep me posted!

Good luck with the cleaning and baking Samantha. I have to clean too, but just don't wanna!

I'm busy with Christmas activities with school, and trying to figure out if the ILs are coming this weekend or not. MIL has been sick, so they may not come but that means they'll come next weekend. I hate being in I don't know land! I have haircuts for the kids tonight and tomorrow (couldn't get them all in at once with Alyssa's dance schedule!). I'm looking forward to Christmas break so we can slow down again!

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Good news about the friend Sam! I am not looking forward to these teen years that are coming soon!! I have never heard of a Turducken.
I hope you were able to get some cleaning done Samantha.
A break from the madness will be nice Brandi. Not too much longer!

Not much from me, just working. I do get to leave an hour early, which is always a good thing at the end of a busy work day. Smile No plans for the kids tonight so we also just get to stay home. Woot! I get tired of running around.

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Sam, we learned of the turducken a few years back. That's a lot of meat! Pass along John's review.
Samantha, GL with the clean up. I hate how colds suck all the motivation out of you. Sad
Brandi, have fun with your kids' school parties! Ours are coming up, too. I have been able to decline volunteering due to my thyroid surgery on the 15th. Blum 3
Kelli, glad you'll get to stay in tonight. You all are getting winter weather already, aren't you?
It's been strangely warm here all fall. LOTS of rain here today. May get a few snowflakes overnight from a cold front coming in, and then it won't get out of the 40s for a week. This is more normal, but I don't like the cold as much as I used to.
Today is a busy-as-hell day for us, so I just hope I make it to 10:00pm without having a meltdown.
Nicky started a new attention medicine Friday and it may be working. He's tried at least four others since last spring, and nothing has been helpful yet (not enough good effect to counter bad effect). Please keep your fingers crossed for success. We are already hearing positive responses from the teachers.

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I am a complete moron. I posted I had no plans last night. Seriously Kelli? I must be losing my mind. Both girls had their Christmas program at school last night. I knew this. Hello!! :shock:

I really hope you had a good night ML. Did you get to 10pm okay? I hope this new med is working!

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LOL Kelli. I hope the Christmas program was lovely. Actually, *I* am the moron. I posted on this thread this morning, 12/7, thinking today was the 6th. Today IS the busy day. I'm still alive, but it's only 2:41... Wink