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daily Dec 7th

Well they did an U/S instead of an EKG. That is fine but not what he was scheduled for so I am not sure who changed what when. I am happier with the U/S because they actually look at the heart and all the chambers and they also get the an EKG readout. So now we just wait for the results. The woman said about a week but I am truely hoping that it wont take that long.

John took Luke to the appt and said he was so cute. He just kept talking to the lady about everything. Then when they got to seeing the heart on the screen Luke asked what was in it and JOhn said it's filled with LOVE Luke! That's why it makes that sound! So cute. Does anyone have any cavities yet from all the sicky sweetness?

For all you girls that dont know a TUrducken is a duck stuffed inside a chicken stuffed inside a turkey that they stuffed with stuffing. LOL! It is alot of meat ML and a nightmare for vegitarians! But he is a meat guy. I will let you know how it is when we cook it up.

So work and then Luke's P/T conference tonight. I am sure I will hear good things!

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That is so sweet Smile Hope it doesn't take a whole week for the results!
Wow, that is a lot of meat! Sounds yummy!

2 lbs down this week, yay! That's 6lbs total, in 2 weeks Smile

Some more baking and cleaning today. Boring.
Have a new 1 year old here today too. He's having a nap right now but adjusting very well so far!

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That is so sweet Sam! Amber had an u/s not an EKG now that I read your post, I remember LOL. I think it took us longer than a week to get the results but thats our free healthcare for ya LOL.
WTG SAmantha! And glad your little guy is adjusting!

I'm sick BLAH! I have too much to do to be sick! Tonight i'm going to a program called It Takes Two To Talk for Jakey's speech. I really have my doubts about it working but its the first step to getting him into one-on-one speech therapy. I'm kinda bummed caused I always go to the Y on Wednesday's while the older 2 are in Tae Kwon Do so I need to find a spot in my week to make up this missed workout until the end of February!

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Aw Sam, filled with love? That is precious!! Marshall would absolutely love a Turducken I think. Where do you get them?
Congrats on the weight loss Samantha!
I'm sorry your sick Melissa. You are right, moms don't really have time to get sick. Sad

It is cold here! I am totally asking Santa for a remote start for my van. Brrr!!! Santa is bringing Marshall a new Ipod so I think he could perhaps bring me what I would like too. Wink Tonight Marshall has a class and Michael goes to Awana so it will just be the older three and me. No ideas for supper yet. I'm starving though here at work!

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Sam, I'll be looking for the US report soon.
Samantha, I hope you can kick that cold!
Melissa, hang in there. You are trying so hard to stay healthy by exercising, but you keep having interruptions! *hugs*
Kelli, to hear you say it's just you and 3 kids at home tonight still sounds like a LOT to me! Everything is relative, right? HOpe you get a dinner idea.
Still in the midst of my busy day (I accidently posted today's update on yesterday's thread. Duh.) Managed somehow to buy some mini cupcakes at Target during errands today. Mommy's little helper. Hehe.