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daily feb 13th

It cant be Monday again can it? Damn.

ML have your parents settled on a place for your Dad? How is he?

So I ended up doing some shopping with my mom yesterday. Not planned but I ended up with 2 skirts and a shirt from Banana Republic. At least I have something for the service that Sophia is leading the night before her Bat Mitzvah. I definately needed 2 outfits for that weekend. So I have one. Sort of. Would like a different top. Wasnt in love but I also need new bras so that might make it look better. LOL.

Other than that just working today.. Nothing special/.

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That's the same thing I was thinking. The weekend ended to fast.
Lol about the bra. But I totally understand. Yay for shopping!

Today is crazy hair day at school so I had to get up early! The kids wanted colored hair and because colored hair gel is so expensive, we just use paint Smile So Dylan went to school with a rainbow colored mohawk and all the rest of his head was blue, Dakota went with 3 braids each painted a different color and Savannah went with 7 ponytails each painted a different colored. We were in such a rush to catch the bus I didn't have time to get a picture! Bummer.
Trying out a Zumba class tonight!
Easy day with 1 kid. 2 kids are home sick.

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I hear you on the bras Sam! I swear they don't last long and they're so expensive I hate buying them.
Enjoy your 1 kid day Samantha! You need it after the crazy morning! Smile

Saturday ended up not being as crazy as we thought. Scott cancelled baseball practice because it was too cold. Those boys would have froze out there! Connor spent the weekend with my parents, so he was happy...and it was nice only having 2 kids in the house! A LOT less fighting!

Gotta sort out the candy for the kids' classes tomorrow. I made gifts for the teachers and I'm pretty darn proud of them! I made one as a thank you for someone and decided to do them for our teachers too.

Nothing else to report here. I have some errands to run today and I have GOT to schedule my nerve conduction test for my arm. I had to leave messages twice, then they call back when I'm not here. It's totally annoying. I'd have them call my cell, but I need my calendar in front of me to schedule it!