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daily Feb 17th

Do I dare say winter is over and it never even started? Not one snow storm. No shoveling. TOday we are again at 50 degrees. I just cant get over the birds out there singing. It feels like spring.

This week is going to suck in the budget department. I was off from work yesterday and today. Beautiful stomach flu and I still feel pretty awful. Nothing I can do I guess. Somehow bills will get paid right? back to bed for me.

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Feel better Sam. Sad

Off to competition! Even though I've gone over everything 10 times in my head, I'm afriad I'm forgetting something. I hate this feeling!

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Hope you're feeling better soon Sam.
Have so much fun at competition Brandi! Good luck to Alyssa!

I'm trying to keep things clean around here. My inlaws, BIL and his girlfriend are coming tonight for the entire long weekend. Anyone want to trade lives with me for a few days? lol. And I'm so lucky...they even invited their friends to come over tonight. Urgh.

Oh and...our renters from hell are finally supposed to be giving us the keys today. The termination agreement was for the 14th but they thought it would be fun to screw us around some more and take their sweet time moving all their crap out. Oh and they still owe us for one whole month's rent. Small claims court, here we come!

Sorry. lol. I'm grumpy today.

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Samantha, GL with the BIL and his girlfriend AND the awful renters. That sucks.
Brandi, GL to Alyssa (and you) this weekend!
Sam, feel better soon. (((HUGS)))
How did this week go by so quickly? I blinked and here it is Friday evening. I am feeling better, but my TSH is still too high, so the doc is raising the hormone level in my thyroid pill. I will be glad to be back to my old self again...but when? I've put on about 8 pounds in the last few months, and while I needed a couple of those pounds after losing so many in 2011, a couple would have been PLENTY!

My dad is not progressing as well in therapies lately, and so it has been decided by the family and his therapists, that he simply cannot return to an independent living situation with my mom. He will always need a wheelchair, it appears. Sad She got him into a lovely long-term care facility, but they can't take him for another six weeks, and he's being kicked out of his current place by Medicare. She has to find him a short-term facility quickly. ARGH. Wish I could be there to help her. Ava was really sad when we told her Grandpa was not going to be able to move back home. That was hard to see.