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Daily Feb 2

Morning ladies! This week feels like it's dragging on forever! I don't know why, but it's just one of those weeks. I saw my dr about my arm issue. He thinks it's an entrapped nerve, but he couldn't find it. I'm going to see a hand specialist tomorrow. I'm praying for no surgery!! I don't have time for surgery! Smile We'll see what he says.

Nothing much going on here today. I have to go get my migraine meds...I think the dr and pharmacy finally found something that was covered under insurance. I hate insurance sometimes!! I mean really, has the idiot who decides what's covered and what's not ever had a migraine? It's not fun butt hole!

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Hope you don't have to have surgery Brandi! That's dumb they don't cover all migraine meds!

I can't think of anything to say. Same old stuff happening here today, I have a house full of kids and I'm excited to workout tonight! I have a busy weekend coming up. We're going to a 'Celebration of Life' for an old friend who died in a snowmobiling accident and then a skating birthday party on Sunday, good thing is I can take all the kids so we'll have fun skating.
Have a good day!

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I agree about the slow week Brandi. HOpe they figure out what's going on with your hand quickly. Dont they know you have stuff to do and might need it!
Sam having nothing to say can be a good thing.

I am having my boobies squished tonight. Who says turning 40 isnt fun?! Wooo HOO! Hope it's quick. Moved John's car loan to a 0% APR for the remainder of the loan. Saving $750! ANd it will be paid off 12 months sooner. What a relief. We need to consider getting me a new car so that gets us one step closer.

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Sam, congrats on the loan savings. GL w/the mamo!
Samantha, I'm sorry to hear that you lost an old friend. *HUGS*
Brandi, I hope you can get those meds soon. You want to have them there right when you need them, I know.

Can't believe it's only Thurs. Headache, cramps, & so tired b/c Waldo got up twice in the night to go out. Laundry, grading, and prepping classes today. Holding on to the prospect of meeting a friend for coffee for an hour after lunch. It's the little things. Wink