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daily feb 24th

I made it through the week without calling out sick. I am on a different antibiotic and I do feel better though really run down and tired. Seems very quiet here this week. How is everyone?

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Yikes Sam, hope you're feeling back to normal soon. It's so hard to work when you're not feeling 100%. How's everyone else in your house?

My girls were sick for the entire long weekend and I took them into the doctor on Monday morning and they both have pneumonia! Dakota on both sides, Savannah just on one. The antibiotics started working quickly and I was able to send them back to school yesterday.

Went for P/T interviews last night! Apparently not a lot of parents go, but I love talking to my kids teachers about what they're doing and how they're doing in class. I heard nothing but good things! All 3 of them are doing great Smile Savannah's teacher said she will be reading early and she's a smart little girl. The french teacher said Dylan is doing so well she would recommend putting him in French immersion next year and Dakota could teach the French class! She's reading in French and lots of kids her age can't read English well yet. I'm a proud Mommy!

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I'm sorry you've been sick Sam. Hopefully this antibiotic does its job and you are feeling 100% soon!
Ew, pneumonia is no fun Samantha. I'm glad the girls were able to go back to school. Congrats on the great conferences!

TGIF! Work has been nutso for me so each night I am exhausted. I have no trouble falling asleep but do have issues waking up throughout the night. Not a good cycle! I'm looking forward to a weekend for sure. Smile Have a good day everyone!

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Get better Sam!
Samantha, pnumonia seems to be the most popular thing going around this year. Connor had it, and a lot of other kids I know had it too. Not pretty.
Kelly, I know what you mean about not being able to stay asleep. I have that issue...it sucks!

Went to the science museum with Tyler's class today. It was fun! The worst part...it was 72 when we went this morning, and now it's 60. Um, burr? Didn't realize it was supposed to drop this early, so we weren't prepared when we came out with our short sleeves!! I'm getting sick of the up and down temps. It's been doing this all winter and it's getting old!

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SamL--glad you are doing a little better. Try to rest this weekend!
Samantha, TWO with pneumonia? AAACK! Hope they can kick it fast. Congrats on those great conferences. Smile
Kelli, I hope you've had a great weekend so far. Take a nap today?
Brandi, hope you all are having some peace and quiet this weekend after the dance competition last.

Hella busy week for us, but capped off with two fun nights for Dave and me thursday and Friday: dinner out both nights and a Galactic show (New Orleans funk/brass) in Philly last night. Tired today. Helped out Ava's Odyssey fo the Mind team this a.m., then straight to sell GS cookies in front of the drug store (wind chill must be about 15). Made lunch, and now I'm catching up on all my email from the past few days. Taking Ava to the women's bball tournament tonight at the college where I teach. Tomorrow we are taking my niece and her baby to lunch, then a Daisy Scout meeting in the eve. I have to prep Monday's class--but not much time to do that! I can't wait until the Odyssey season is over. We are NOT doing that again next year, and Ava agrees. Just one more week to go...