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Daily Feb 29

Happy Leap Day! Remember those times where you say I wish I had another day? Well, here it is! LOL!

Have to finish painting the bathroom in my craft room today. I just have the trimming up by the ceiling. The bathroom is small, so I'm not looking forward to getting the ladder in there to do it...which is why I didn't do it yesterday! Smile Connor is supposed to have his first baseball game tonight, but I think the fields are going to be too wet. This rain we've been having is getting old! The way it's going, I don't think we'll have much of a season this year! On the up side, it's going to be 75 today!

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Happy Leaping Brandi! I think when I said I wish I had another day I meant another WEEKEND day. Or maybe another Disney Day. Never another Wednesday. Good luck with the painting.

Ahhhh Hump Day. One of my babies is on vacation so it isnt going to be as nuts today. I did meet with a mom who needs 2 daycare slots yesterday. She has an almost 2 yo and one on the way. Not sure I will do it though. She is going on 3 daycares in 2 years. Not a great track record IMO. And I just had a gut feeling that this wasnt the situation I want. I have yet to regret starting with a family but I just think this could be the first. I think parents think when they come they are only interviewing me buuuuut that is not the case. The other issue is on Wed I dont have 2 spaces so I would have to do some shifting of kids and I am not doing that for someone I am not sure about. So I think I am all set there.

I do have a friend who needs at least 2 days in December when her baby will be 3 months so that is all set to go! I am so excited for her. I cant wait!

So that is my daycare update ladies and here they come so byee.

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Good luck painting today Brandi! Hope Connor gets to play tonight!
Sounds like you've made your decision Sam, good for you for going with your gut! I need to learn more from you! I still worrying about making it easier on everyone else. Urgh.

I have an easier morning with the 3 boys. They all play well together for the most part. Other than the 2 year old who likes to take everything from the other kids.
Going to try and catch up on some housework tonight.

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Brandi, have fun painting in the tiny room! Wink
Sam, enjoy the hump.
Sam, good luck getting your housework done tonight.
VERY rainy here, too. Hope I don't melt. Trying to get dressed, get out, and go prep for my 2:00 class. My classes last 2.5 hours, so I have to OVER prepare in case I run short. Ugh.