Daily Feb 8th

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Daily Feb 8th

Holy cow. Still NO snow! Not for the next 7 days either. How can this be right. Not complaining though!

Had a nice meeting with the Rabbi last night. She is helping Sophia write a part of teh Bat Mitzvah. She is so nice. We did our 1/2 meeting with Sophia then Sophia went to do the other 1/2 of the meeting with the Cantor and the Rabbi and I just talked about our lives. Very nice.

Full house today. Busy busy.

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Glad winter has been kind, Sam. We have snow coming tonight, but only about an inch.
Busy here too! Have to go shower so I can get this party started. Wink

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Hey ML! You didnt invite me to the party!

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Glad the meeting went well Sam. Yay for no snow! Hope you're busy day goes by quickly.
Hope your day isn't too busy ML!

3 little boys this morning and then more to join this afternoon. Dakota said she wasn't feeling well first thing this morning and then 20 minutes later said she wanted to go to school. She looks fine and isn't warm or anything so she went. Hope she's ok today!

I NEED some help with Dylan. He's been coming into our room every night and sleeping on the hardwood floor. That can't be good for him. I didn't think it was a big deal at first but he's been coming in every single night. Some nights he says he doesn't remember coming in. (Which I believe cause he is a sleep walker/talker) Sometimes I don't here him coming in either. Anyone going through this??? Any advice for me?