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daily Feb 9th

Tax day for me! Going tonight to have them done and find out the damage. I REALLY hope we get a refund. With the daycare I just never know where I stand from year to year. Its never a given that I dont owe. PLEASE!!! REFUND!!

That's it from here I think. I will say that I think SOphia is better on her new meds. I shouldn't say it because I could be setting myself up for disappointment but she even noticed a difference. Let's hope it continues.

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~~~Refund Vibes~~~ I hope it's true that Sophia's meds are working! If she's noticing a difference, I'm sure they are!!

I have too much to do, and no motivation to do any of it. This house needs cleaned...I so want a maid! I hate cleaning bathrooms! I also have to start getting consignment together. I went through the boys' stuff, but still have to get through Alyssa's. I love the $$ I make by doing it, but it's a pain in my butt! Smile

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Glad Sophia is better on her new meds! Hope you get a refund Sam!
Hope you get some motivation today Brandi!

Hey, where's Kelli? I haven't seen her around in awhile. Hope everything is ok with her.

I have a full house today. BUT, I only have 1 kid tomorrow! It's going to be a great Friday Smile Going into the school with a few other parents to talk about some things that are going on in Dylan's class. They are in a split class with grade 4's (very small school) and there's 3 boys in there that are bullies and being mean and causing problems in class.

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I hope the new meds continue to work for Sophia! I'll cross my fingers for a refund Sam.
I need a maid too Brandi! I love a clean house but hate to actually clean it. Ugh!
I'm here Samantha, thanks for asking. I hope your busy day goes by quickly! Good luck talking to the teacher about the classroom issues.

I woke up thinking it was Friday and was disappointed to see it was just Thursday. Bummer. Friday cannot come soon enough! Smile We've been staying really, really busy. The boys' room is almost done! It's been painted and we cleaned the carpets. They got a new bunk bed set, curtains, bookcase, etc. and we're slowly starting to put it all back together, get some finishing touches and stuff. Then we can mark that one off the list and move onto our bedroom. Spendy stuff fixing your home up is! Have a good day all! Biggrin

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There you are Kelli Smile Hope the day flies by for you! Good luck with working on your room!

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Hope everyone survived today healthy and happy. *hugs* to all you lovely girls.