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Daily Jan 12

We have tons of wind and rain today. I guess some parts of the state got lots of snow but we are getting none. Kids were sad to go to school.

The washing machine repair guy came yesterday and said that my 7 month old WHirlpool is shot. Needs tons of major part including the drums and the basket. Whatever. They wont replace the whole thing so we are getting it fixed for free. So I have no washer.

Tonight me and kids are going to the mall to get Sophia some sneakers. THey need to be 1/2 size bigger to accomodate the foot support things we are picking up tomorrow. I tihnk we will just get dinner there too.

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Things are made like they used to be. 7 months and falls apart! That's ridiculous. Hope they fix it fast for you. Have fun shopping tonight!

We're supposed to get lots of snow today and this week. Yay! I love snow. Just hate when it's freezing outside.
Busy day with 5 kids this morning, but they are all pretty easy going, so we'll have a good day.

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Sam, Happy Shoe shopping. We still haven't gotten any snow here this winter season at all. No cooking tonight and dinner at the mall sounds like fun.

Samantha, It scares the dickens out of me. Although we have have already been letting him drive the back country roads the last year so it's helped me a little and I'm all fine with the permit thing, but my scare is going to come when he can pull out of this driveway all on his own!!! AHHH!

Suppose to get an inch to 2 inches this afternoon and through the night. Not sure if it will happen. If we do get it and the temps drop like they say, living out in the country we most likely won't have school tomorrow. Corbin's chiro says he has severe whiplash and even though his discs were a little twisted he was able to put them back in place but his damage is more tissue and ligaments which going to be a road to recover. Corbin is determined to be on the matts this weekend for Team regionals for Varsity, but I don't see it happening since he only has 60% mobility bending over at this point. Cade received great Student of the Month for December and received a reading award yesterday. I was so excited for him all the way around, but the reading is such a big yay considering how far behind he was and how much he was struggling with reading and math. Atleast one of them is starting to come along for him! Smile Carlie earned her first petal in her Daisy Scouts last night, this week we have to make a red Robin to take back wednesday for her Robin Badge....Other than some household chores and staying warm That's all that's on the list for today. Happy Thursday Ya'll!

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WTF about a 7 month old washing machine!!??!!?? Yikes.
Samantha, have fun with the snow. Better you than us. Wink

I bought myself some ultra-warm shoes yesterday because I am perpetually COLD even in our globally-warmed winter. They have thick soles and are lined with shearling. Aaaaaah. I even want to sleep in them. Now I can go out in the rain today and feel a little more myself. Yes, it's a mere 52 degrees, but this thyroid regulation problem is making me into a miserable frozen mess! I'm on replacement hormone, but doc says I have to wait 2 more weeks and 1 more blood test before she changes my rx. She said it's a slow process. Brrrr. Also bought myself a spring suit to teach in yesterday, so that cheered me up a bit, too. Off to campus now to prep; first day of class is Monday!

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Ang--you slipped in there w/o me seeing! Whiplash? Eeeek! I hope he is feeling better soon. Poor guy will hate to miss that match, I know. Congrats to Corbin! Quite an achievement. And yay for Carlie. Earning petals and patches is so much fun. Smile

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Sam - OMG I can't believe your 7 month old machine is SHOT! Holy crap that sucks! GL with the shoe shopping!
Samantha - hope your getting your water in today Wink
Ang - WTG Cade and Carlie! That sucks about Corbin though Sad and Eeeek on the pulling out of the driveway thing too - man i'm soooooo not ready for those days!
ML - Yay for warm shoes!

Not much to report here. I've been lazy today but about to go to the Y and get my booty kicked in Boot Camp - it'll be my first one for a few weeks so I'm not looking forward to it!

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