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daily jan 14th

Ya for the weekend! I made it!

John and I have a date day/night. My parents are taking the kids this afternoon for an overnight. Probably grab dinner and see a movie. We really need this time alone. He has been working a variety of hours and its hard to even get time to talk. I really want to get the grocery shopping over with too. I am going to the Christmas Tree Shop tomorrow with mom for Bat Mitzvah supplies then I have dinner with a friend. I dont want to have to stick in groceries too.

Other than that I am just going to sit and read for a bit. I am reading The Magicians by Lev Grossman. It's kinda like Narnia and Harry Potter but I am no where near loving it like Harry Potter. It's more adult geared which is fine but he had better start getting to good stuff soon or else I am going to do something I NEVER do. Cut my loses, realize I cant get that time back and stop reading!

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Enjoy your date day/night Sam! Sounds like you have a great weekend lined up!

I just did Tae Bo and now have a slew of cleaning to do. P is bringing home dinner and then we are all going to family swim at the Y to get Jakey a little use to the pool as he starts swimming lessons tomorrow. Thats about it from here!

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Enjoy your date night Sam!
Melissa, you're doing so awesome with your workouts! Have fun swimming today!

DH and I went on a date last night Smile Went out to dinner with friends and then came back to get our skidoos and toured around and went to the local bar that is NOT across the river Smile We had a great time but didn't come home until 3am. Our babysitter must have loved that, she made $85!
Not much going on for today, just playing outside, but probably not for long since it's -20 outside. Brrrr.

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Sam, Enjoy your date/day/night with Hubby!! Glad you made it to the weekend!
Melissa, Your so awesome with your workouts, I need some of your motivation. I'll be starting Monday as we bought a scale yesterday Smile Have fun at the Y today.
Samantha, Sounds like last night was awesome!!! I'm sure your babysitter should be happy she made that in One Night Smile Stay warm.

Corbin is at regionals for his team today, he's already out, he cranked his back again. I knew it wasn't ready but he insisted. Sad Poor guy. It's pretty cold here today so I"m not looking to really go anywhere, Might be just a lazy day at home, might hit up the redbox for a movie night with the kiddos. Have a great weekend everyone!