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    SO glad we don't have school today!! Alyssa and I were in Augusta all weekend...she danced for 14 hours in 2 day! They did really well at the competition...2 golds and 2 1st places. Her studio swept all of the high score catagories!! I stuck with 2 other moms and kept away from all the "dance mom drama" too. I can't deal with it anymore.

    Today we're hanging out. I need to get to the grocery store, but I don't think I'm up to doing that with all 3 kids! Scott goes out of town tomorrow, so I really don't need a whole lot since the kids will eat whatever. I do need to get myself back on the diet train...I totally blew it this weekend, but when you're "trapped" in a convention center all weekend you don't have many options!!
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    WTG Alyssa! That's awesome! Good luck if you decide to go grocery shopping!

    I'm sad the weekend is over. I would have really liked to sleep in this morning But I only have two kids this morning so I have an easy. Watching the Bachelor tonight and going to start working out finally! There no excuses anymore!

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    WTG Alyssa and team!!!!
    Sam - yay for working out today!

    Not much going on with me. Cleaning and such today. Hoping to get a Tae Bo workout in and a nap - those are my only 2 requirements for the day LOL.
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    Happy Monday and MLK, Jr. Day. I went back to school today: first day back teaching for the new semester. I. Am. So. Exhausted. I have 46 students in this class, so my brain is stretched to its limit.

    Ava is sick with a fever and sore throat so I get the honors of staying home with her tomorrow. I hope she lets me get some work done. Strep test will be ready tomorrow a.m. (rapid strep was negative, but it still seems like strep to me). Going to bed myself as soon as I get these two little clowns into their beds.

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