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Daily Jan 23

OMG the RAIN! Will it ever stop???? We have really tall pines in the backyard..I'm waiting for some strong winds to pull some of them out by the roots! The mold count is really high too, so my allergies have been a nightmare.

Connor is suddenly having a problem with talking in his class. He brought home 3 bad marks for talking too much in class last week. Now, Connor is my QUIET one!!! He's never had an issue before with behavior. I asked him if he was sitting by someone new, thinking this could start something, but he said no. I sent an email to his teacher to see if she could enlighten me a little. I told him if it continues he wouldn't be able to go outside and play after school...this is devistating to him! We shall see!

Get to take Alyssa to the dentist after school. She has a baby tooth that was loose a LONG time ago and she wouldn't let me pop it out. It's now attached to her gum and her permanant tooth is coming it behind it. She's not happy to have to go to the dentist for this, so maybe next time she'll let me pull them out! Wink

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Hope the rain goes away soon Brandi! Good luck with Connor! Hope it goes well with Alyssa today.

Dakota is home from school today. She's right on the borderline of being well enough to go to school. So I kept her home. She's stuffy and has a bad cough, but she seems ok, other than that. So I think she'll be going tomorrow.

An old friend of mine that I've known since kindergarten died in a snowmobile accident over the weekend. I haven't seen him in a long time but we have lots of mutual friends as well. Really heartbreaking. Still having a hard time believing it. It also scares the crap out of me because DH is on his skidoo almost everyday. DH is a really experienced driver and knows the trails and river extremely well, but accidents happen.