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Daily Jan 24th

Today is cake tasting day! We get to go and finalized the design for Sophia's cake and taste all the flavors. It's 3 tier so she gets 3 flavors. Luke woke up and bounced around the house he was so excited. Like he never had cake before. So I get done with work at 3:30 and then eat cake. Good day.

I also still have 2 washers in my laudry room. A broken one and a new one. Still dont know what the plan is but at least I can do laundry. And we made a revelation. Now that we have the new washer we have been able to hear what our washer SHOULD have sounded like all along. Ours NEVER sounded like the new one. They are exactly the same washer too. Ours was a lemon from the get go. We just didnt know because we had nothing to compare it to. I should thank her for doing her dance of death before the warrenty was up.

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Can I come taste cake with y'all, Sam? Mmmmm.
Happy Tuesday, friends. It's been a rough few days for me mentally and physically (thyroid, hormones, GI, vertigo, etc.), but today I am feeling better. However, my dad is having a biopsy as we speak for a suspicious growth in his bladder. So any prayers and good thoughts on his behalf are appreciated. I'm just as worried about the anesthesia and recovery considering his stroke as I am about the possibility of bladder cancer. Sad He has been showing some strong improvement in his physical therapies lately, so maybe his increasing strength and optimism will help him out here. My mom or sis will call me later today with news.
*hugs* to all you friends. I'm not sure where I'd be without you around! :love:

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ML it sounds like you could use some cake. Join us. I will keep you and your dad in my thoughts today. I hope all goes well and it's nothing serious.

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I'd be running around too if I was going to eat cake this afternoon! Yum!! I'm glad the new washer is working out Sam. Maybe they will just let you keep that one?
Oh ML. Sad I'm sorry it's been a tough couple days. I will say a prayer for your dad!

I'm tired and hungry and at work. Um, no motivation here. I need a warm vacation I think! We've been working on re-decorating the kids' rooms. The girls' room is almost done, minus a rug. I just bought them a fun brown and cream zebra print one. New carpet is out of the budget so this will have to do for awhile. The boys' room is the next big project. I finally got all that darn wallpaper scraped off. Painting is next! I like finished projects, just not all the busy work that goes into them. Wink Have a good day friends. Biggrin

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Thinking of you today ML! ((((HUGS)))) KUP on the results!
A cake testing sounds amazing! I'd be excited if I were Luke too LOL.
Re-decorating is fun Kelli - minus the paying for it part LOL.

I've been busy reading up on a new diet i'm doing. So far so good. DH is doing it with me too but not too sure how long he'll last LOL. Though day 2 and he's still going! I had my long workout at the Y this morning now I need to run out and get groceries and run home and tidy up for a playdate tonight. Is it bedtime yet??? LOL.