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daily jan 26

Today is a quite day. One baby is sick. I really did swear she had an EI or sinus infection. Apparently that isnt the case but her O2 was low and the cough sounded awful. I just cant believe this is just a head cold. She was sooooo sick yesterday she broke my heart.

So 2 kids for me though one hasnt shown up yet which is odd. Do I dare dream that I only have 1 today!? Not much going on today. Gotta make a call to the caterer. Gotta check about table clothes. And find a pretty cake plate. The kind that is raised. I also want to order 12 more cupcakes. I am worried the cake isnt big enough? She said it was but I dont know. I also over do it. And who doesnt like cupcakes?

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Sam, I hope the sick baby is okay soon. Sad Poor sing. GL with your preparations.

Ava's LEGO League did well exhibiting to her class this morning, except none of the 4 girls will speak loudly enough! Now have to put the chicken in the crock pot and go to campus to get some work done. What I really want to do is eat bonbons all day and read. One day that is all I will do. But when??????

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Aw, that poor baby Sam! Enjoy the quietness today.

Missed you ML! Reading and bonbons sound great. Ha!! I'm glad Ava and her classmates did well. Smile

Not too much here. Just working and then a church group meeting tonight. Marshall and I have been super active in our church lately. It's enjoyable. Smile Cold and snowy, which is expected for Minnesota I guess. lol!! Have a good day all!