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    Rainy and icky. I cant believe we have had NO snow this winter. We are almost into February. Amazing. The most we have had is an inch at a time and it melts in a matter of hours. One storm would be nice though. One that keeps everyone home.

    Just working today. Nothing doin' tonight thankfully. Tomorrow is suite shopping for the boys. Luke wants to match his Daddy so hopefully we can find something. Luke is so excited for it too. He keeps asking how many days till suit day. Sunday we have no plans. Nap?

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    You're getting the rain we had yesterday Sam! This weather has been SO crazy. My day lillies are coming up and my trees are blooming leaves!!!! I think winter is officially over here...or did we even have winter?!

    Diets and PMS don't mix. I'm hungry...just sayin'!

    We have a crazy day tomorrow with Alyssa having dance and Connor having baseball skills assessment. Scott has to stay there pretty much all day since he's a coach. Fun times! At least we'll have SUN, so hopefully we can dry out a little!
    Brandi, Scott, Alyssa, Connor & Tyler!

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    No snow is nice Sam! We have had just a little so far, which is bizarre. Suit shopping sounds fun!
    Dieting is no fun Brandi!! I hope your day isn't too crazy tomorrow.

    TGIF! It has been a nutso week and it will also been a crazy weekend. We have a concert at church tonight, a friend in need that needs visiting, a friend in the hospital we will go see, cell phone shopping, Morghan will be gone all day Saturday babysitting, the boys' room needs to be gutted and painted, the house needs a deep cleaning and then church and Sunday School on Sunday. I don't think there are enough hours in the day for all of that. Ugh. Have a good Friday!!
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