Daily Jan 30

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Daily Jan 30

Hey ladies!! Craziness going on here today with the storms. We already have a tornado warning going on for the next half hour. Makes me think I should have kept the kids home since they're huddled up for 30 min!

We've been busy and are starting the craziness of spring! First dance competition this weekend, Tyler has belt testing for Tae Kwon Do this weekend, and baseball starts next week. Go me! Nothing else going on besides kid stuff. Personally, I'm boring! Smile

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lol Brandi. You do have a lot going on with your kids! Hope the tornado doesn't show up. Scary stuff.

We're having weird weather here. Last week was -40 and today it's +12 celcius and supposed to rain all day! Back to cold again tomorrow, so I'm afraid the roads will be like skating rinks and buses will be cancelled. We shall see.

Busy day today with lots of kids! Hope it goes by fast. lol