Daily Jan 6

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Daily Jan 6

HELLO ladies!! Smile How's everyone doing???

We're getting back into the swing of things. Everyone has been super cranky in this house. I love getting back into the routine, but I hate the first week of it after break! Hopefully we'll be more normal next week.

Alyssa has practice this weekend. It's one thing to have an 8am rehersal, but it's another to have 8am rehersal and to have them take costumes and have hair done! UGH! First competition is next weekend! I'm going to the Thirty-One spring premiere tomorrow so I can check out the spring/summer products. I don't think I'll be going anywhere on Sunday since I'll be gone all day tomorrow! Smile

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Hope practice goes well this weekend Brandi, that is early!

I'm doing alright, not feeling that great and have a house full of kids today! I need today to go by fast. I'm looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning.

All 3 kids were in our room last night. Normal for Savannah, and since we got back from Toronto it's been normal for Dylan too! Help! He comes in my room everynight and sleeps on the hardwood floor. He's having bad dreams. Dakota was in our room too which is the first time ever, but she came in because she had a bad dream (happens once a week or so) and then she saw the other two on the floor and wanted to stay too. She always goes back to her room. Anyone experiencing this with their kiddies?