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Daily Jan 8th

Quick check in. Hope Nicky is doing well ML> Update us please.

Super busy here. I can't even begin. Just wanted to say hi!

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Hi. Good news: Nicky says he is feeling better today. Now he is SUPER snotty, which is just another mystery. His temp only went up to 100.3 last night. It's a new nightly low. I'm cautiously optimistic. Smile

Hope things calm down so you can breathe, Sam. *hugs*

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Yay for Nicky getting better!
Hope your day slows down Sam!

Today was speech day for Jacob. I dropped Emma off at the Y's pre-school program and just took Jacob by himself so that I could listen in to his session. He's speaking so much more but we really need to get the sounds down. After lunch i took a much needed nap on the couch with Emma while Jacob was in video game heaven lol.

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Hope things slow down for you Sam!
So glad that Nicky is feeling better ML!
Yay for naps Melissa, lol.

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Sam, hope the day settled down for you!
ML, sounds like Nicky is heading back to healthy (minus the snot Wink ).
Melissa, it's amazing what speech therapy can do...glad to hear Jacob is improving.
Hi Samantha! Hope it was a great day!

Would one of you like a 14 yr old boy for your home??? I thought the toddler years were tough, but they can't hold a candle to the high school years. He has finals next week, so hopefully things will get better once he's past his first set of finals. Matt and Nathan were pretty worn out today...guess they need to ease back into school now.