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Daily Jan 9

Howdy all! Trying to get back into the swing of things around here. After having 2 weeks off, it's rough! Alyssa was excited this morning...it's her first day in the gifted program! She's been trying to get into the program for 2 years (after ALL of her teachers have recommended her) and finally made it!

Only dance here this evening. Only a couple weeks and the chaos really starts with baseball and dance competition season starting!

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Yay Alyssa! Enjoy the semi-quiet of the next couple weeks Brandi.

I`m down one kid this morning, yay!
I got volunteered by a friend to host a playdate on Saturday. Not looking forward to doing a super clean on my house but it needs it so I guess it`s not the worst thing ever.
Have a good day ladies!

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Sam, enjoy the quiet today. Nice friend to volunteer your house, eh? Wink
Brandi, hope you can get into a good routine now. Congratulations to Alyssa! Hope she enjoys the program.

N's much better. No fever yesterday! Still on two different antibiotics, still coughing up a storm, but he FEELS better. Smile Doc wants one more check-in from us today, and if N continues to feel better and is also fever free today, he can go back to school tomorrow as long as he feels up to it. Thank you so much for all the well wishes, thoughts, and prayers. Now we have to get him eating again...

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How exciting for Alyssa! What a proud mom you must be Brandi. Biggrin
Cleaning the house isn't so fun Samantha but the results of a clean house feel good. I hope the playdate goes well!
Woo hoo for no fever ML! I hope it continues. Poor kiddo.

Not much here, just working. I am still checking for Kylie updates but haven't seen anything else. I feel so awful for her family. Sad Hard to believe, isn't it? Hope you all have a great day!