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daily july 13

Luke was out till after 11pm last night with a friend so I dont need to tell you how tired I am. I wasnt thrilled either./ I THOUGHT they were going swimming then to the sister's softball game. Apparently the sister was hot after her game so she wanted to swim again. Of course they all went swimming. This was already at 9:30pm! So they swam, got changed and came home but as you all know this takes time. So 11pm I am showering Luke for bed. I am thankful that he had fun and I dont want to sound like I dont appreciate it all but I am wiped.

Anyway working then cleaning and banking. I really really hope everyone takes a nice nap because the last few days have been less great in that department.

Ya for the weekend and sleeping!!!!!!!

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11pm?????? If I had someone's kid out that late, I would have just kept them overnight! Although, that late is just insane for kids in my opinion anyway, so it never would have happened in the first place. Hope daycare takes a LONG nap for ya!

The kids had a friend over yesterday, so it kept them out of my hair for a few hours. That was nice! Today Tyler has swim and I have a much needed chiro appt! I have to finish getting everything together for Alyssa's party. I had a last minute addition to the party, which makes me kinda upset. I decorated cups for the girls and only had enough for the ones that had RSVPd early (which is what I asked them to do). Now I have another one coming, so Alyssa doesn't get a cup. It wouldn't bother me so much if A - I was giving Alyssa the one that I'm not so crazy about, so one of the girls has to have this one and B - if I didn't find out her mom was lying to me about some things. I just don't understand people!! I'm annoyed.

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Brandi, good luck with the party stuff. Late RSVPs are very annoying, but LYING?? What is wrong with people?
Sam, sorry it was a late night for you all. Hope you can put your feet up today.

We had a late night too, having drinks with friends and letting the kids catch fireflies. Of course, Nicky turned it into a Harry Potter drama, so all four kids used glo-sticks for their wands and ran around casting spells in the dark. It was kind of neat. But, yes, I'm beat today, too. Wink N has his last day of claymation camp today, so Ava and I go to pick-up 30 minutes early to watch the kids' "film festival." Can't wait!

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Oh boy Sam. 11pm is WAY too late. I don't even like staying up that late!
Brandi, that stinks! People are so rude nowadays when it comes to RSVP'ing.
The film festival sounds great ML! Enjoy!

I am so glad it's Friday! Though we'll have two extra kiddos. My sister in law had emergency appendix surgery this morning so we have her girls. Makes for a full house. Fun and loud. Wink TGIF! Have a great day everyone!