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    Morning! Down 1 kid for the week, basically. Alyssa has dance camp from 8-4:15 every day. She is THRILLED, but I know she's going to be sore and exhausted! It's getting me preped for getting up for school next week...and let me tell you it's not going to be pretty! Lots of coffee and miserable kids. I've pretty much gotten everything on the school lists, and I'm sure there will be other things once we go to open house. I just wish they would post a REAL list online so we knew what to get before hand!

    Nothing else going on here. Last week of being boring!
    Brandi, Scott, Alyssa, Connor & Tyler!

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    OH Brandi there is nothing boring about you!

    Nana is coming over and I am working. Working working. Feels like I never stop working sometimes. It seems someone is always coming in to drop off a child.

    I shouldnt complain. I had a relaxing weekend. I just didnt want to get up this morning. Too pooped. At least I dont have to cook dinner.

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