Daily for July 6-8 ( weekend)

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Daily for July 6-8 ( weekend)

I thought I would start a weekend thread early just so we can hear in from people around here.

I will be leaving tomorrow morning for an overnight in North COnway. Just taking the kids for hiking, swimming and some ziplines. A quick one. My mom gave us some of her points so the hotel is free. WE will be back around dinnertime on SUnday.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Hey Sam...break for moose...it could save your life! Wink

Just me and the boys this weekend. Scott is in Minnesota visiting his brother, and my mom and dad are at my cousin's wedding with Alyssa. We did birthday shopping for Alyssa today. Now lets see how much Tyler tells Alyssa! Smile

Nothing else to report here!

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Have a great time, Sam!
Brandi, enjoy the reduced family. Wink

N's birthday party is tomorrow: 3 guests, 4 Pokemon card packs. N is set to do some battling. Tomorrow's forecast says high of 101, so we'll be inside the whole time. Sad I'm picking up a dozen Pokeball cupcakes tomorrow morning; hope they look decent. This weekend we also plan to watch HP 5 and 6, and hope go to the pool then an outdoor concert Sunday.

Have a great weekend, ladies!

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Have fun Sam!!
LOL at Tyler - hope he keeps it a secret!
Sounds like a fantastic birthday party ML! Ry would love it Smile

I took the kids to the Y this morning for basketball for the big kids and floor hockey for Jakey - all had fun and now i'm cleaning for our company tonight. My friend is coming with her DH and 2 boys for a bbq and to play washers. Tomorrow we are taking the kiddos into Toronto to go to Wonderland! Hopefully the humidity breaks before then!

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Party went well! I did end up sending them outside in 100 degree heat for the last 20 minutes b/c they were just off the hook. I gave them each a water bottle and hoped for the best. Wink They survived. Dave and Ava got an invite to go see Brave with another dad and daughter couple, so N and I are hanging at home. May go to an outdoor concert tonight if there's no thunderstorm. Will put off HP 6 since half of us are at a movie already today.