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daily june 25th

Luke had a great party yesterday. The weather was perfect. Everyone stayed outside so my house stayed pretty clean. Only took 30 minutes to get it back to normal instead of the usual 2 hours. He loved all his gifts. I dont have tons and tons of leftovers so thats good. ALl in all it was a good day. I am done with parties planning and executing though. I was barely recovered from the Bat Mitzvah so I am glad my party planning days are over for now. Let them plan mine now because thats the next one coming up.

Stormy day ahead I guess so we are hiding in the house. OH. My baby birds in the birdhouse next to my kitchen window have shown their funny looking faces! They have been sticking their heads out finally! So funny. They call mommy for food and she rushes over. I think I actually mommy mumble "Mommmy Mommy Mommy. I'm changing my name and not telling those little turds what it is".

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Glad Luke had a good party! Did you watch our "guilty pleasure" last night??? I haven't watched it yet! Smile

Just about half way through summer break and my kids are ready to go back! They don't want to go outside to play because it's hot, and there's only so many days you can go to the pool! We're hitting my mom's pool today for a change of scenery. Alyssa usually sees someone she knows to play with, so that will be good at least. Connor has a "play date" with our old neighbor on Wednesday too. I think part of the reason Connor doesn't want to go outside to play anymore is because his friend isn't here anymore! Sad Otherwise, not a ton going on here. I'm trying to plan Alyssa's birthday party, which is proving to be harder than I thought it would be!!

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Brandi Ihate when their buddies move away. We have Sophia's BFF coming home after 3 years in Texas. Its just sad to say goodbye especially when they are so yound.

I did watch Sister Wives last night. The first hour was a regular show and the second hour was an interview who read pieces of their book and I learned things I didnt know about them. They are now filming the second 1/2 of season 3 for the fall. I CAN'T WAIT! Do you think Merri will go for another baby? I need to know!

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Sam, great job pulling off two big parties in such a short time! enjoy your birdie babies.
Brandi, hope you can continue to find some things to keep the kids busy. Ava asks for "summer school" every day, and just putting a workbook in front of her isn't enough. argh.

Leaving for AL tomorrow (flying), so getting affairs in order today. The AC seems to be all fixed (was leaking onto the basement floor for two days!), so fingers crossed that it'll stay dry while we're away! Taking poor old Waldo to the kennel this afternoon, hoping we'll see him alive when we return. We know every day could be his last, he's so ancient!