Daily March 12th

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Daily March 12th

I found a dress!!! Also got the underwear and bra I need for the dress since the staps show. I am so EXCITED!!! Sophia and I just need shoes. I am so relieved you have NO idea. I just went to Nordstroms ALONE and had a wonderful woman that just stayed with me, took everything I chose and set up a dressing room for me soI could shop without a bunch of crap in my arms and then hung out and helped with suggestions, got different sizes, and picked out accessories I said I needed. It was AWESOME! Then I took the dress over and they got the right bra so the straps wouldnt show. It was so great. It took about an hour all told! And I love the dress and it looks like it was fitted to me.

Today I am just working till 5:15. Nothing exciting about that. I should really do the bills today. I have been holding off for no reason at all. Lazy.

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Now THAT'S the way to shop...being pampered! Smile You'll look fabulous!

Glad the weekend is over, but the time change is KILLING me today. It didn't help that I was hearing noises at 5:45 am, and got up to find my 2 boys partying in Connor's room. I'm not looking forward to this afternoon because they're going to be BEASTS!!

Crazy week, as usual. I'm going for the nerve test on my arm, eye appointment, register Tyler for kindergarten (say it isn't so!), baseball, dance, competition this weekend, and also added private tumble lessons for Alyssa in the mix. Can someone start a caffiene IV in my arm, stat?!

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Yay Sam! Can't wait to see your dress on you!
Yikes, that is EARLY Brandi! Hope you make it through your crazy busy week!

First day of March Break! Only one kid here so far. There's supposed to be two more coming but I have no idea what is taking so long. I shouldn't complain, but it's hard to plan my day when I don't know when they are going to show.
Excited for the Bachelor Finale tonight! Yay!

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Sam, yay!!! I want to see this dress. Is it online so you can post a link for all of us?
I can't stand the time change either Brandi. Run, run, run and get that coffee, girl! I'm on a big cup now!
Enjoy your spring break Samantha!

I dislike this time change and I really dislike Mondays so what a day already! Marshall had surgery last week and is going to be recovering for quite awhile so our entire household has been in upheaval lately. So much going on. Hope you all have a great day! Smile

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Hope Marshall recovers quickly and that everything is ok Kelli. Hope you get through the day! I hate Mondays too.