Daily March 14th

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Daily March 14th

Samantha I thought I would answer you here from yesterday's daily in case someone else wanted to come on today.

Sophia's ceremony/party is April 14th. Exactly one month from today. EEEKK.

Kale Soup:

Peel 5lb bag of potatoes and put them in a soup pot with a large can of white beans, olive oil, salt and fill 3/4 of the way with water. When the potatoes are cooked either mash everything together or blend with a hand mixer. That is the broth. I do tend to not blend it all up so there are small pieces of potatoes and beans. Then just add 2 bunches of chopped and cleaned kale and cook till tender. Add more oil and salt to taste. You can also add cooked sausage or keilbasa or linguisa. I dont but some people like that. Just cook the sausage and chop then add with the kale.

Trying to convice John that this weekend is a great to buy new couches. 19 years is old enough right? These deserve retirement. I just cant take it anymore. It's more than time.

Other than that just working and we have nothing going on tonight! YA!

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That's not far away at all! I'm excited to see all the pictures! Thanks for the recipe, it looks yummy! Good luck convincing John Smile

Busy day today. Day 3 of March Break. Going well so far. 8 kids here. But, Dylan is going to the Sugar Bush with a friend of ours and Savannah is going for a play date at noon. So that will make things a little quieter.

I think DH and I are going to rent the Descendents tonight. Anybody seen it?

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Didnt see it Sam but I hear it isnt as funny as they made it out to be in the promos. I heard it was sadder than expected. Still a great movie I hear but I like to be warned about what I am about to watch. Have fun.