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# Daily March 15 #

OY! Calgon, take me away! I'm on sick watch. Someone got sick in Ty's class on Monday, and his teacher got it yesterday. Someone got sick in Connor's class on Tuesday. I gave the kids extra probiotics yesterday! At 2am, Scott woke up saying he was sick. I'm not sure what's going on there. Last night he was saying it was more pain, so I'm wondering if it's gallstones again for him. I hope so! He's sleeping now, so we'll see what's up when he gets up. The only bonus about the horrid pukes, is it lasts less than 12 hours. But still. Ugh.

I'm taking a nap today. I've been up since Scott woke up at 2am. Exhausted!

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When I had the stomac flu a few weeks ago there was alot of stomach cramping. I had that the worst of anyone in the house but I was also the first one to get it. Even when I was done getting sick I still had cramps a flu feeling. It was about 24 hours before it I could say I was done so that's pretty quick compared to the colds going around.

I now have another cold or allergies. I feel so tired. When am I going to get back to working out? I have 2 weeks under my belt then I get sick again. This isnt as bad as the last go around but still. Thank goodness for have sauce in the freezer. Oh and I have a crabby baby today. He has the same cold. This might be a loooong day.

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He says it's not a cramping feeling, but like what he had before (a few months ago) which is pain. No nausea either. He's going to the dr at 10:30! Smile

Hope you don't have a cold Sam. My allergies are AWFUL! Early spring = early miserable me!

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Oh Brandi, no fun!!! Boo! Sad Has Scott thought about having his gallbladder removed possibly?
Boo for you too Sam! It stinks when you think you feel normal again and then the crud starts one more time!

Good morning friends. Smile We have had gorgeous weather lately, which is so nice! I love spring! I also really like being able to use the grill and not have to dirty up the kitchen too much. Marshall is still home recovering and the rest of us are doing our normal. Hope you all have a great day! It's almost Friday. Wink

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Hope the kids don't get sick Brandi! Enjoy your nap! Hope Scott's ok too.
Hope your day isn't too long Sam. Hope you're feeling better soon too! That sucks that you're sick again.
Yay for nice weather Kelli!

It's kind of crappy out today so I think I'm stuck inside with 8 kids all day. It's going well so far, we did a great St. Patty's Day craft and now they are building a fort.
I made some Lasagna roll ups last night to eat for dinner tonight. I have a feeling no one is going to eat them! It's ground turkey, spinach, cottage cheese and sauce. We don't usually have spinach in lasagna and my kids don't like change. lol. Maybe I'll bribe them with dessert. lol.

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I'm loving the weather too Kelli! 80 degrees as far as I can see! Smile
I think the lasagne rolls sound good Samantha! I'll come over...I don't feel like cooking. Smile

The gallbladder it is! It's coming out, we just have to find out when. He had an ultrasound, so when we get those results back he gets referred to a surgeon and we go from there. I'm so smart...I should have been a doctor!

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