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    Default daily march 1st

    Wow March 1st! We are having a smallish snow storm. I woke to about an inch on the ground and its snowing pretty good right now. 3 inches I guess will be the total. The plows arent even out because the roads are just wet. Kids are in school. I was hoping for one snow day for them but it looks like this year is a bust in the dept.

    Made an appt with a florist for Saturday. Its the last big thing to do. The rest is done though I fear I might not have enough stuff for party favors. I may need to order a few more supplies because I may have underestimated. It will be fine though. Most of the stuff got here fast so I just need to see how the count is closer to the event.

    My GF offered up her Keurig for the coffee station too. I have a mini but it doesnt have a water thing so you have to add water for each cup. Her's is the bigger kind so we can fill it and that is much easier. I will bring the small one too in case there is coffee back up. LOL! I cant believe its next month. I really should find a dress. Anyone want to go shopping?

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    I'll come shop with you Sam! I'm calling you tomorrow...we need to chat!

    I just booked a house for our Orlando trip in June! YAY! I can't wait! We decided to rent a house for a week, then do Disney 2 days, Legoland and Sea World. Connor is DYING to do Legoland, and we have free tickets for the kids. Tyler and I need a Mickey fix, and Alyssa wants to go pet the dolphins at Sea World. We have a countdown on the fridge, so the kids are excited! They still talk about wanting to go on the Mickey boat and I keep telling them we can't afford it right now...little do they know! I decided we're not telling them anything...they'll figure it out when we pull up to the port! I saw the Fantasy on Good Morning America the other day pulling into New York. I'm so excited!

    I'm running to the mall with mom today. I finished up painting the bathroom yesterday, so I need to finish up consignment too. Almost done!
    Brandi, Scott, Alyssa, Connor & Tyler!

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    As if it's March 1st already.
    Good luck with dress shopping Sam!
    I'm so jealous Brandi! I want to go back to Disney too! That's going to be so fun when you surprise the kids.

    Snowing hard hear today. We're supposed to get about 10 cm. And then it's supposed rain this weekend.
    We're going to North Bay this weekend for a skidoo race! Yay! I'm excited to escape for the weekend. I'm having a major case of the winter blahs and I need it to change cause I don't have motivation to do ANYTHING!

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    Ahhh Sam your going to be in my old stomping grounds! I went to College in North Bay and grew up an hour north of there! Have fun!
    Sam - i'd love to come shopping with ya! I can not wait to see pics of this day!
    Brandi - how exciting that your not telling the kids!

    Not much going on here today. Need to run out shortly to pick a few things up so i'm keeping the babies up from their naps hoping that they fall asleep in the van. Dance for Amber tonight and boot Camp for me - that's about it!
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