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daily march 21st

Ah my busiest day of the week. It so hot outside I cant even believe it! TOday and tomorrow is supposed to hot.

We are doing birdwatching these days. The older babies love it. We put out birdhouses in the tree outside the kitchen window. We saw a Daddy bird building a nest then the mommy went in and pushed daddy out! It was sooo cute and so much like real marriage.
OK off the work.

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Lol about the birdies! That's so cute! Hope you make it through your busy day!

I'm just waiting for one more child to show up and then I think I'll take the kids out for a bike ride. Another gorgeous day her as well! It's not supposed to last to the weekend, of course. It's supposed to cool off a bit again. My kids will be mad, they've been wearing shorts to school this week and now on the weekend they are going to need coats again!

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Oh, how fun for the kids Sam! Birds are neat to watch.
Enjoy the warmth while you have it Samantha. Smile

I stayed up late finishing my Hunger Games book so I am super sleepy. I love a book that can just suck you in like that! I cannot wait to see the movie now. Smile We have the trilogy of books so after we see the movie, I'll start on #2. I'm such a nerd...rambling about books. Ok, that's about it from me now. lol! Have a good day all!

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Samantha we are going to cool off a bit over the weekend but still not March weather AT ALL.

Kelli I am reading book one of the Games right now! Sophia insisted I read it before the movie. The thought of kids killing each other is creaping me out though. I havent gotten into the actual game yet so we will see how I feel then.

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Sam and Kelli, when are you going to see the movie?? I'm going on Saturday and CAN'T WAIT!!!! I got my mom addicted to the series too. Wink
Samantha, enjoy your weather!!

Sat out in the pollen last night to watch Connor's baseball game. They played SO hard and almost beat the best team in their league! Connor had an awesome game too. I was so bummed. The other coach came over and told Scott that the boys played really well too.

We NEED RAIN! If you see any, could you send it our way??? Everything here is yellow. Bleh! If you don't know about Georgia pollen, the pine trees are throwing their pollen all over the place and it turns everything yellow. Last year we were lucky and got a lot of rain during pine pollen, and it only lasted a week since it got knocked out of the trees. This year...not so lucky! Sad

Off to clean before the kidlets get home!

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Sam - cute about the birds!
Samantha - we are the same here! Its going to be hard to get the kids to wear pants again LOL.
Kelli - I got sooooo addicted to the Hunger Games this summer! LOVE it! I'm soo excited for the movie! We are hoping to go on Saturday though I meant to go buy our tickets while I was out and forgot :/
Brandi - that sucks about the pollen Sad

We had major laptop issues - okay we'll I dropped it and broke the screen LOL. Thankfully we had the tablet to keep me semi connected but its not the easiest to use LOL. But my laptop is back, all shiny and new screen! Ry is home sick today Sad He is soooo hot but says he's cold! UGH I hope this doesn't last long - poor little guy!