Daily March 23

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Daily March 23

YAAA for Friday! I only have one little guy and he's my 3 y.o. so it will be an easy day. He also leaves at 2:15! So it's an early day too.

Sophia wants to see Huger Games today but I am just not in the mood to fight a crowd at the theatre. We have a busy weekend so I just want to relax after I clean the house. Is that so wrong?

WWYD question. Part of my sectional is in but part of it isnt. I'd say 2/3 is in. Would you have it delivered since they are saying it might be 6 weeks before the other piece gets here? Or would wait for the whole thing at once? I am dying to get rid of the old couches.

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You know you want the couch, so just get it. It's going to drive you nuts if you don't!!

WE HAVE RAIN!!!!!! We were walking out from Alyssa's tumble lesson last night when it started...I danced in it a little! Smile The way it looks, Connor's baseball game may be delayed tomorrow, which really isn't a bad thing since it's at 8:30 AM! Not nice on a Saturday! We don't really have any other plans for the weekend! My parents are taking the kids Saturday night, so Scott and I are going to see the Hunger Games. I can't wait!!!!

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What an awesome Friday you have Sam! Enjoy! I'd just get what's in Sam. You don't want to have to wait a whole 6 weeks, do you?
Have a great date night Brandi! Yay for Rain!

We are supposed to get rain all weekend. URGH. Hope the weatherman is wrong. He usually is.
I'm SO looking forward to the weekend. Love just hanging out with my own kids. We need to get a lot of stuff done around the house too. No plans so far other than that. Love it!

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Sam, I'd have as much couch delivered as I could. Enjoy your day.
Brandi, glad the rain has found you.
Sam, have a great family weekend!

Today I'm trying to get some paperwork done for school and catch up on my grading; Nicky's swim class then scootering at the park after school. Tomorrow I'm spending the day in NYC with some students--taking them to the Metropolitan Museum of Art! Will be a long day but fun. Sunday I'll have to grade, prep, and clean house, then Ava's Daisy Scout meeting then her swim lesson. I'm leading the Daisy craft Sunday: sit-upons. Remember those? Gotta get moving...