!! Daily March 25!!

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!! Daily March 25!!

Is it seriously almost the end of March? It seems like it was just Christmas!

I want to tear out some landscaping, but it's COLD out!!!! It's supposed to rain the next 3 days, so I probably should get it done. I have to do mulching too...I dread it. Tonight is cocktail night at a friend's house. I need it!!!

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Brandi wait till April. March still says winter to me even though its mild.

I have a sinus infection now I think. The right side of my head is about to explode. I have had this cold for about 2 weeks. I think we turned a corner but not the right one.
Luke also has the stomach flu. Poor guy. I think he is just about done but he keeps sneaking water so we start over every time. I ate from his plate last night too. A sinus infection and a stomach flu DO NOT go together.

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Oh man Sam - I hope you don't catch his stomach flu!
Have fun tonight Brandi!!!

I woke up feeling like poo! I shouldn't complain too much seeing as one of the kids has been sick all winter long it feels like and this is the first time i've felt this bad but its bad timing as we are having my mom and aunt/uncle for dinner and poker tonight. lots of cleaning and cooking to do today. I need to get the cleaning done this morning so that I can nap Wink

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I was thinking that same thing Brandi. Have fun at cocktail night!
Poor Luke and poor you Sam! Hope you both feel better soon!
Hope you get your nap this afternoon Melissa!

I am trying desperately to get both my brothers here from Edmonton!!! They are stuck there working...and there's no flight to get them home in time for the baptism tomorrow!!! I hope something comes up. I keep checking every 1/2 hour or so.

Other than that...I'm scrambling to get this house cleaned and stuff ready for tomorrow. I've done a lot of cleaning already and finished the potato salad. Still have bacon cheddar bites to make and broccoli to cut for the broccoli salad. Would also like to sit down for 1/2 hour to watch Private Practice from last night...but I doubt that is going to happen.

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Good luck tomorrow, Samantha!
Melissa and Sam, I hope both of you feel better NOW!
Brandi, I hear ya on the cocktails!

Ava and I LOVED Mary Poppins last night. Magical. Of course, we both got to bed WAY late. Now I am tired and chilled to the bone from this cold weather. Cramps from AF, too, and I don't want to make dinner. Sad Sorry to complain.