## Daily March 28 ##

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## Daily March 28 ##

Nap. Today. The past 2 nights we've had thunderstorms all....night...long. I'm SO tired!

In happy news, MOM MOVES IN FOR GOOD ON SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!! Dad still has a month to go at work, but they sold their place and have to get out. I can't believe she's actually going to be here all the time! Scott and I were going over schedules last night, and I realized if he gets home late and I have to go, I can just call mom! How FABULOUS!

Today is picture day for the kids. I wouldn't have made them look nice, but they have class pics too. I just invested in Alyssa's dance pictures, the boys' t-ball pictures, and I will get some of Connor's kindy graduation pictures. Spring pics from school? Nah, I've spent enough!!!

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Brandi that's awesome! I hate the spring pics too. Too much money!

I have to kick this whatever it is. I still havent gone to the docs but I just dont want to. I slept 3 hours last night. It's going to be a looong day!

On a happy note I ordered blinds for my new front window and got fancy rods for the kids' valences. It has been a long time coming. I have had the valences for ages. Spring is a motivator.

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Have a good nap today Brandi! Awesome that your Mom will be there for you whenever you need her!
Yikes Sam. You must be exhausted. Hope you feel better soon!

I'm exhausted too. The weekend went really well but now I am just tired and would love to go back to bed! DH also got a babysitter last night and took me for a late dinner. Really sweet but I should have went to bed instead.

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I never order spring pictures, ever. Hurray for your mom Brandi! Smile
I hope you feel better soon Sam. How fun to order new blinds and rods.
Maybe you can sneak in a nap Samantha. Mondays are always tiring!

Sorry I've been MIA all. I've just had a lot going on in real life. Hopefully I'll be back posting with you all more now. I did not want to come into work today. I feel like I need a mental health break. But here I am. Duty calls. Tonight is a fundraiser dinner for a kiddo in Morghan's class and then I have to drag all four kids and three huge loads of laundry to the laundrymat. Ick, ick. Our dryer is dying a slow death, which really blows. Hoping our tax audit is done soon so we can get a new set. I won't hold my breath though. Dealing with the IRS isn't a bowl of peaches. Wink

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Kelli, big ((((HUGS))))! I hope today and tonight go smoothly for you.
Samantha, hope you can relax with the big weekend behind you.
Sam, good for you getting the decorating done! You are inspiring me to put up Ava's valences I've had for six months... Wink
Brandi, congrats on your mom coming to ATL to stay! Enjoy that resource. Smile

Tired here too. Volunteered at the elementary school this a.m. now off to campus to work. Have a great week, girls.