daily March 29th

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daily March 29th

Get ready. I feel a whine coming on. I am overwhelemed. I took on a painting project, a new furniture delivery, a Bat Mitzvah (of which I still havent finished writing my speech), a lunch with a GF, party favor assembly and a shopping trip with my sister. ALl for this weekend. WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF. I didnt leave myself time to breath for the next 2 weekends. I should have made these last 2 weekends easy but nope. I didnt. Factor in a holiday too and I am about to explode. I cant wait to be at the party having fun. ALl of it done. Then I am not planning a thing! Sunday April 14th will be a fun day LOL. I can look back on it all and smile.

OK that's it for the crying. Work and chicken burgers on the grill.

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Oh Sam that is a lot LOL. It'll be all over before you know it!!

i'm in a whining kinda mood today too. UGH i'm just BLAH LOL. I may go out with my mom to return a few things today but i'm not even sure about that. Jakey is testing me today and its getting old fast! I will go to Boot Camp tonight, at least i'm looking forward to that LOL.

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That's a lot Sam! It'll all be over before you know it. I tend to do that too, take on too much. It's hard not to sometimes!

Have fun at boot camp Melissa!

Well I may as well whine too then. lol. I have a cold and it's wiping me out! Sat on my butt last night and did nothing, should have worked out but I had zero energy.

I am going out for dinner tonight with DH, looking forward to that! And the kids are looking forward to watching Treasure Buddies while we're gone. I better go rent and record it on my PVR before I forget.

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BIG HUGS to you girls! I'm sorry things are stressful right now. Sad
No classes to teach on Fridays, so that helps me relax a bit tonight. Still have lots planned for tomorrow, though.