Daily March 2nd

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Daily March 2nd

Sophia is over the moon. Her BFF that moved to Texas is coming to her Bat Mitzvah!! We found out last night and she was happy. I am so happy for her.

Today I am working and add my neice and nephew to the mix because my sister needs to "get stuff done". OK. So I will have 4 kids instead of 2.

I also have a florist appt tomorrow. And my sister is having lunch at her house on Sunday. I hate having things planned like that. It just feels like the weekend is booked and all i want to do is stay in my jammies and gear up for Monday.

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YAY for Sophia!!!!!!!! That is awesome news! Too bad your weekend is so busy Sam - hope you find some jammies/book reading time!

Today I need to clean, get to the Y, go out and find something to wear to my Uncle's Memorial tomorrow and finish our taxes and get them off. Fun times Wink

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That's great news Sam!! Glad Sophia is so happy Smile Sorry your weekend is so busy.
Hope you get through your busy day Melissa! I'm dreading taxes. I have a million receipts I need to put in a spreadsheet. Urgh.

Looking forward to the end of the day and then we can head up to North Bay for the races! (Cool that you used to go to school there Melissa! What college is it)
I'm excited for a weekend of NO cleaning, NO cooking and NO distractions. Just fun times with my husband and kids! YAY! I need it.

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Melissa you know me so well. YOu put book reading time in there and I never even said anything about books. But YOU knew that was what I meant! I am sorry about your Uncle. I hope the Memorial isnt too hard for you.

Have fun Sam! Just no cooking and cleaning is enough of a vacation for me! Add the rest in and its awesome!