daily March 30th

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daily March 30th

Ah we have the sun back. I was supposed to have my 3 y.o. and my new little 3month old today but now I have my niece and nephew and my little 2 y.o. too. So we went from 2 to 5. Awesome.

It's Friday. WOOO HOOOO!!! March is such a long month with no days off. We made it though. My favorite coffee is back too. Island Coconut. I stocked up because they stop making it at some point and I ran out.

And I want to lock the door and pretend I am not home and snuggle with this 12 week old cutie all day! He is yummy!

Ok ramble is over. I sound manic but I swear I'm not that upbeat.

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Oh Sam, you make me laugh. Enjoy all five of them today! Biggrin

TGIF! This week has been a week from hell honestly and I am very glad we are into the weekend after the work day. Marshall is finally back to work after about a month off, which is great. But the money off put us really behind financially and it's so hard to get caught up. Oh well. I'm going to try and sneak out with Morghan to see Hunger Games sometime this weekend. Wink Have a good day all!

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Aw Sam, I'm so jealous. I need a good baby fix right now!
YAY for Marshall being back to work! I was praying he wouldn't have post-surgery issues like you did. Smile

I was at school this morning for Alyssa's class. They have their big state testing after break, so they had an egg hunt today. They had to answer the questions in the eggs for pieces of candy. They had fun, and it is beautiful outside so that made it better!! I have to get some of my flowers planted before my chiro appt. We're supposed to get some rain (YAY!!!) tonight, so I'd like to have them planted! I really should stay inside since my allergies are killing me, but I love planting so it's hard to resist!