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& Daily May 1 &

It's May! School is almost over! Thank goodness, because I think this week is going to kill me! I go in today to get things ready for Alyssa's math carnival tomorrow, then I have Connor's on Friday. I have 3 totes full of stuff to take in today. It's going to be fun, but it's been a lot of work.

My new washer and dryer will be here Thursday!!!!!!!!!!! I've been dying for over a year now. Every time I do laundry, I get an error message either on the washer or dryer. Ive been trying to talk Scott into it, but he finally got it last night when I was pulling out soaking wet clothes out of the washer because of some stupid error message. I looked it up and from what I saw online, the part alone was going to cost $195. Yeah, I don't think so!

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Brandi, have fun with your new applicances and good luck with the math fairs. It's great that you give so much volunteer time to the school.
ERIN--Hope you check in again today!

Next to last Humanities class today; hope the kids aren't too crazy. They are mostly freshmen, so are highly distracted on a good day. You would not believe the minute attention spans this generation has. It's like teaching fleas. If you can't keep them tuned in, they begin to hop away! Some are smart and nice fleas, but fleas nonetheless.

Ava's appt was fine except that I couldn't get her to pee in a cup, either at home or at the doc's, and she HATED the paper gown. She's still at 95% height and 50% weight, so even though she's skinny, the doctor is not concerned since these have been her stats for years now. Her right foot is flat as a pancake and so her heel pronates in. Doc says if there is pain in the future she could get arch supports; she says Ava will "probably" grow out of her knock knees. Sigh. Still one giant tonsil on the right, normal on the left, as has been true for years. No problems, so we're leaving it be. I guess that's the report!

OFf to the salt mines...

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Brandi when this insanity is over do something relaxing. I can think of tons of kid-free activities that would make me relax. Actually just being kid-free is enough right!? LOL!

ML Sophia has the flat feet and her ankle pronates in. It does cause her pain and we have the arch supports. I cant tell you how they work because she doesnt always wear them. Sigh. Kids. Hope you can get the fleas to sit still and once the class is over get some Advantix. Kills fleas and ticks!

Nothing to say really. Just working and trying to catch up with bills. The party killed the budget and I am not sure how long it will be on life support. We think the budget can hear us in its coma but we arent sure because it wont respond. Maybe if John worked at the PT job a bit more often this month we will see light again. Here's hoping they have work for him.

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Yay for a new washer and dryer Brandi! Have fun at school this week, that's awesome that you get to help out so much at school. Wish I could do that too.

lol ML. Have fun in class today. Hope Ava outgrows her knock knees. Sounds like she's tall! I think Dakota's in the 5th percentile for height and about the 15th for weight. Short just like her mama.

Yikes Sam. I'm sure that party was expensive! Hope John's PT job has work for him.

ERIN! Nice to see you around here! Hope that you check in today, looking forward to hearing an update from you Smile

I have 2 extra kids today because I have Friday off to get my hair done, yippee!
Just booked our David Copperfield tickets. You don't get to pick your seat or know where you're sitting until the show, hope we have a good seat! I'm starting to think maybe I should have booked for the Thursday night instead of the Friday. Hmmm.
DH is working tonight so I'm going to try and spend a good hour in the gym working out and watching the biggest loser.

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The carnival sounds fun Brandi! Yay for a new washer and dryer!!
Fleas, huh ML? That is hilarious. I'm glad Ava's weight doesn't concern the doctor too much.
The poor budget Sam! Mine is pretty much dead as well. Let's cross our fingers that they come back to us soon! Life support is NO fun.
I'm sure David Copperfield will be fun no matter where you are sitting Samantha!

I'm a little bit nervous. We received a letter in the mail yesterday in regards to Mykenah. They do a scoliosis exam in the 5th grade for all students. (I remember doing this!) This letter is referring us onto our family physician. It said the results have indicated that Mykenah needs further examination to determine whether or not she has a spinal deformity and if so, what treatment may be necessary. Ugh. We go in this afternoon for x-rays. Praying that it is nothing!!!

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Thinking of you, Kelli. Please let us know when you find something out. I know it's stressful waiting...