daily May 15th

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daily May 15th

I am excited for my mammogram on Friday. Is that wrong? I need a day off so badly that I am looking forward to having a boob squish.

Notihng new going on. I am working then I am going out to dinner with nana. I cleaned some last night but I think I might skip tonight and finish the bedrooms tomorrow. Everyone will only nmess is up anyway right?

AND IT IS GOING TO BE A GORGEOUS WEEKEND! Yup. WE have had tons of rain but not this weekend. Please let them be right. We could use some sun.

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lol. Have a good day off Sam! Have fun at dinner. Yay for a nice weekend!

I leave the house for Vegas today at 3pm. I'm keeping the kids home from school so I can spend some extra time with them before I go. I still have daycare kids (I should have taken the whole day off) but at least 2 will be gone by 12:30pm, another one by 1pm and then the last one by 2:30pm.
I'm excited about my trip but can't get bad plane crashing thoughts out of my head! URGH.

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Sam L, enjoy your evening with Nana!
Sam, *hugs* I used to be super, super nervous about flying, too. (Now I'm just a little nervous. Wink ) Do you have a Xanax or Dramamine you can take before you get on (remember not to drink if you've taken one)? That might help a bit. I took an audio course that helped tremendously, but the best thing for it, I found is to FLY MORE. The more you fly successfully, and especially the great feeling you get as you walk off the plane ("I did it!") really helps convince you that everything is fine. Imagine yourself walking off that plane after a great, calm, peaceful, fun flight with DS. You're looking awesome, ready for some fun. Smile Keep that image in your head for a while, and feel that great feeling! Good luck--you're going to be fine. *more hugs* Have a great vacation!

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I hear ya Sam! I'd get a root canal if it would mean I could get a day off from work. Ugh. Enjoy dinner with nana!
You will be fine Samantha. Enjoy yourself!
Hope you are having a nice day ML!

Good morning! I'm swamped here at work, with no time off in sight for awhile. Somehow I get to coordinate an event at church at 6:30pm and then Morghan's spring concert at 7pm. Should be interesting, as always! Wink I need a vacation.

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Sam - hope Friday comes quickly for ya!!
ML - Hope you have a fantastic day!
Samantha - you'll be fine! Enjoy yourself!!!!!!
Kelli - hope everything falls into place tonight!

I just got back from the Y for my long workout. Not much else to report from here - Ry is still home with an ear infection. He's on drops for it but they seem to be taking forever to kick in. I think he'll be fine to go back tomorrow.