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daily may 22nd

Where is everyone?

I went for my mam on Friday. Way to scare the crap out of a girl. They did the second mammagram on the right side and STILL didn't like what they saw so they sat me down to wait for a U/S. I was a bit freaked out. But that showed only a tiny cyst and it was the non cancerous kind though dont ask me how they know that. So I am in the clear.

I lost a little sleep this weekend so I caught up a bit last night but I didnt want to get up. Not to mention the rain making everything dark. I did have a peaceful weekend though. Lots of just sitting outside and eating. The weather was just perfect. I need to now get up, move and stop eating. I need to get back on track big time.

Nothing much planned today but work. Fun.

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Glad you had a peaceful weekend, Sam. Mine was pretty nice, too, just the usual running around with the kids.
I bought some cowboy boots yesterday but am today having second thoughts about spending that much with all our summer expenses coming up. May or may not return them later this week. Hmmmm...
Off to campus to get some work done. Only 10 more school days until the kids are home for the summer. Eeek!

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Glad you had a peaceful weekend Sam and glad everything was ok with the mam.
I bet the cowboy boots are cute and worth keeping Smile But summer is expense! Lots of stuff to do.

We got back from Vegas late Saturday night! I woke up the kids to hug them when we got home. Loved how excited and happy they were to see me. It was nice to hug and squeeze them after 5 days. We had the best time ever!!!! O and David Copperfield were so unbelievably amazing and so worth the big bucks for the tickets! We also saw a hypnotist, variety show and the price is right hosted by Jerry Springer. He is one disgusting old man.
We also went on the ride at NY NY and on the stratosphere where they 'launch' you off the side of the 110 story tower and then hold you there for about 10 seconds and then drop you so you're staring down feeling like you're going to die. lol. It was so scary but glad I did it.

Sunday and holiday Monday we spent on a boat and at the beach the whole day. It was nice and relaxing but today is back to reality. Blah. Just did groceries and now I could really use a nap instead I'll try and get some energy to entertain the kids.