Daily May 3rd

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Daily May 3rd

Just got an email from my friend who moved to Texas (Her DD is Sophia;s BFF). We miss them so much and cried when they left us after the Bat Mitzvah weekend. Anyway she is giving my number to an appt renter in Salem for a reference!!! Salem is 10 minutes from Beverly! The girls will be so happy if this works out. They wont be back in the same school but 10 mintues away is better than Texas. Cross your fingers.

Other than that I am working. Just exhausted for some reason today. Must be this rainy weather. We arent allowed to complain about 3 days of rain though because we really needed it. We are down 6 inches at this point.

Hey does anyone know how many years you need to wait before fertilizing a Rose of Sharon bush/tree/stick with leaves? I know i was told not to do it right away but its been 2 years I think. Should I? What do I use?
I know you guys are shocked I dont know this stuff since I am such a gardener but humor me. I am mostly just seeing if you know. Like a test.

OK. Well off to work.

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Hope Sophia's friend moves back!!! I'd fertilize it. I have good luck with the Miracle-Gro line of products!

Today is my only day off from school! Okay, well I need to go for about an hour this afternoon, but it's the only day I'm not spending a whole chunk of time there. Tomorrow I will be there all day for Connor's activity...he's super excited!

My new washer and dryer will be here in 20 min!!!!! I'm SO EXCITED! One should get their head checked for being so excited over appliances, but I just can't help it. Smile So, laundry and cleaning on the agenda today!

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Hope Sophia's friend moves back! Yay! I hear you about being exhausted. Our weather has sucked lately, I think that is what sucks the life out of you. That and all the kids. lol. No idea about gardening, I'm just learning Smile I signed up on Sophia's picture website, can't wait to see them!

Yay for the washer and dryer! Doing anything else exciting today Brandi? Or just relaxing until school time?

Crappy weather today and I feel tired, like usual these days. Just counting down the hours until 5pm. I have tomorrow off to get my hair highlighted! Yay! Goodbye grey hair!

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How exciting that S's friend might move back Sam! Teenagers need their friends, for sure. This I know! I will advise nothing about the tree. Neither of my thumbs are green. I am horrible!
Yay for new appliances Brandi! I would be celebrating too! Biggrin
Crappy weather is the pits Samantha. It makes me feel yucky too.

I'm just waiting to hear back on Kenah's xrays. I hope they show that everything is a-ok! Other than that, not much. The weather is warm and humid. May is too soon for that here! I want warm but not humid. Just nice spring weather would be okay with me! Smile

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Brandi - i'd be excited too! Our dryer is getting to the point of needing to get replaced but i'm hoping at that point we can get both!
Kelli - hope Kenah's ray's are okay! ((HUGS))
Samantha - yep taxes suck!
Sam - that would be sooooo exciting if Sophia's friend was only 10 minutes away!!

We had Jakey's speech this morning, he is doing soooo well with it but still a long way off from where he should be but i'm just happy that its going well! I've been reading so much lately - I hate when I get into a book, nothing else gets done LOL. DH took the ipod to work today thinking that I'll do something if I don't have it to read the ibook but little does he know that i'm just going to nap (cause i've been up so late reading!) and then off to boot camp LOL.