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    OMg I just lost my whole post. GOing to my sister's Temple in Newburyport because her kids are getting their Hebrew names today. Lunch at her house then nap for me. That is the long and short of it. How the heck do you get the autosave to get your stuff back?! Where is the button!? Its like some state secret.

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    I know Sam! Everyone keeps telling me that I can get stuff back but i have no idea how! LOL. Have fun at Temple and your sisters! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all your pics!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone looks so grown up - such a beautiful family you have my friend!

    Not much going on today. I may not make it thru the day without running for the hills SIGH. Some mommy days are waaaaaaay harder than others and this is one of the harder ones! I just texted P at work and told him that when he gets back from basketball tomorrow morning I am leaving for the gym for a couple of hours and then shopping for a few hours after that. I need a big ole' break!
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    Melissa, I hope you get some alone time. You definitely deserve it!
    Sam, have a lovely day with your family and your nap.

    Nicky performed for 3 judges at his music school this morning for their "Achievement Week." He played 3 pieces and 1 study (memorized!) and two scales that they chose. He was really incredible. We are so proud of him! He only started lessons last summer, and for several weeks there a few months ago, I was ready to give up because he is SO distractible. But I think now he's to the point where he is encouraged by his progress and recognizes that he is improving, and it feeds his motivation to stick with it. LOVE. IT.

    Ava and I are headed to the grocery, then I have to grade, then Ava's having her best friend sleepover tonight. Must prepare for no sleep... Tomorrow we have Daisies and then swim lessons (and more grading for me). A nice weekend, I think (if not for all the grading I have to get done).

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