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daily may 7th

I got to make all my Disney dining reservations this moring. FOr all my DIsney buddies you know how exciting it is to reach the 180 day mark and get to do tht.

Nothing big going on today. WOrk and a visit from Nana so we will probably go out for dinner.

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Yay! So exciting! Where are you eating? I'm so jealous! I can't wait for our next Disney trip!!! Have fun at dinner with Nana.

Nice easy day today with 3 kids. We just played outside for an hour or so and I got our new garden beds ready for soil. We just had our interlock done last week.

I'm so EXCITED and scared for my trip next week!!! Everytime I hear a plane fly by I feel like I'm going to throw up. Not looking forward to flying and I'm afraid of crashing. Obviously I know that chances are slim but it's all I can think of. I want to make it back home to my kids safely!

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YAY for dining ressies!!!! I can't believe my trip is less than a month away!
Samantha, flying on a plane is safer than driving in a car!! You'll be fine. Smile

Baseball season ended for us yesterday. The boys were so upset to be out of the tournament. I'm kinda glad it's over because it would have been a hard week on them to play all the games. I did tear up when they lost...looking at all of their sad faces. Sad

I'm trying not to spend a fortune on Alyssa's dance pics! They posted today and they're all SO good!! Usually I can pick one or two, but this year it's a hard decision! Why do they have to be so expensive?!

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Woot Sam! Did ya get everything you wanted? Biggrin
Samantha, you will be just fine I am sure. Smile

Ugh, Monday. The weekends just fly by. This is celebration week. Our anniversary is tomorrow and Morghan turns 13 on Friday. Crazy!!! Just working today and doing laundry this evening. Exciting life I lead! Wink

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Miss ya Brandi! Bummer on the boys losing. But I am glad your week will be easier. Good luck choosing pictures! That is tough!