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Daily Nov. 19

Hi ladies! First day of thanksgiving break and we're all sick! Ty started with a cold (which I think now is on the verge of a sinus infection...it's been going on 3 weeks now!) then got pink eye the end of last week, Scott got the cold, then I started with a sore throat (actually got a strep test that came back negative, but he sent me home with antibiotics anyway and I'm glad he did...I had a strep looking throat yesterday and the pain hasn't let up so I started the antibiotic!), Saturday Alyssa started with the sore throat, and Connor started with the cough yesterday. My in-laws are coming Wednesday and this house looks like a tornado went through it with half of the Christmas decor up! I haven't been able o do much without plopping back on the couch. Blah! I'm glad the kids are home this week so we can all sleep in and recover!

Sam! Did you watch Sister Wives yesterday??? I still need to watch it since I went to bed early! I'm sure we'll need to discuss. Wink

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Are your kids on break the whole week? Nice! Hope you are all feeling better soon.

I smashed my nose on the corner of my fridge Saturday when I was putting groceries away. Now I have a big scrap on my nose. Urgh.
Nothing else new to report. Trying to think of something exciting to say and I have nothing. lol

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Oh crap you ladies are a mess! Maybe your MIL will swoop in and take of everyone like FLo Nightengale? No? just a nice thought. I hope you guys feel better over there Brandi and Samantha you didn't do any damage did you?

Brandi I did watch it! AWESOME! I was afraid that it wasn't coming back this season and I only remembered to check yesterday! I got lucky I didn't miss it. Oh Meri. Just have a baby already. That's all I will say.

Not much going on here. Short week! Less than 3 full days for me! I am so happy about that. ANd dinner is at my parents' house! WOO HOO! Now can anyone tell me how to get a cheap Ipod Touch on Black Friday without leaving the house?