daily nov 20th

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daily nov 20th

Is anyone out there? ML? Melissa? Kelli? Brandi? Anyone else? Stacey?

We had such a great trip. I highly recommend the Wild Africa Trek if anyone is interested. The pics they took are to die for too. We just got them. Just awesome.

We went out last night and bought a kickin TV. Our old one was making the heads of everyone on it a big blur of stripes. I couldnt look at it anymore. We got a much bigger TV with 3D and SmartTV. The color is just amazing and it was on sale for $400 off. Still cost an arm and a leg but we have 3 years of free financing to pay it off. Now we just have to replace our accident waiting to happen of a dryer and we should be all set. We bought all this stuff about the same time so its all crapping out at the same time.

Today isnt a busy day. Hebrew school and grocery shopping.

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I'm here. Had a hard time trying to post for awhile, so I gave up! Smile Congrats on the new tv!

I'm having a don't want to function kind of day. It's been overcast and rainy on and off around here and that doesn't help me any. I need to get Scott to get the Christmas trees up here so I can finish decorating, but I know if he brings them up, the kids are going to want to do it and it's just not happening today!

Just trying what to figure out what to do this week since the kids are off. I know we're going to see the Muppet movie on Wednesday, but otherwise I don't know!